22/03/18 – Thursday

One week hiatus. It felt like a lost some endurance.

Pushups: 1×20; 1×14; 1×7; 1×8; 1×10; 1×9; 1×10; 1×12; 1×10
Situps: 1×8; 1×12; 1×11; 1×20; 2×10; 1×15; 1×14
Squats: 1×10; 1×15; 1×20; 1×25; 1×20; 1×10

13/03/18 – Tuesday

No running today. I don’t wanna cook my brain while running. Plus, my legs are still weak from squats.

Pushups: 1×29; 1×15; 1×11; 1×6; 1×7; 1×8; 1×7; 1×8; 1×7; 1×2
Situps: 1×40; 3×20
Squats: 1×35; 1×25; 2×20

0941 ’til 1036.

Sunday Training – 11/03/18

Didn’t run today. It’s too damn hot.

Pushups: 1×22; 1×14; 1×8; 1×9; 1×7; 1×6; 2×10; 1×8; 1×6
Situps: 1×40; 1×15; 1×10; 1×15; 1×20
Squats: 2×30; 1×20; 1×15; 1×5

Those squats left me gasping for air. Damn, I’m out of shape.

09/03/18 – Friday


It’s hot today, so, of course, my running suffered. I tried to do the regimen faster, so I cut out on the resting time between sets and did faster reps. I squatted Saitama-style with the swinging arms and everything, not only I did it faster, but also I hit my quads harder, so I had weak legs again, which fucked up my running. I ran, maybe, 1k, and walked the rest of the 5km.

Pushups: 1×23; 1×12; 1×6; 1×7; 1×6; 2×8; 1×4; 2×7; 2×6
Situps: 1×27; 1×12; 1×15; 1×10; 1×12; 1×10; 1×14
Squats: 1×22; 2×15; 1×20; 1×15; 1×13
Pullups: 1×2; 2×1

07/03/18 – Wednesday

Pushups: 1×20; 1×16; 1×6; 1×8; 1×6; 1×5; 1×6; 1×5; 2×6; 1×5; 1×4; 1×3; 1×2; 1×1, then failure to do the last rep. I tried three times but no success. 😦
Situps: 1×25; 1×15; 1×10; 3×15; 1×5
Squats: 1×15; 1×20; 4×15; 1×5

Then a 5km walk. I managed to jog a lil’ bit more this time. My legs weren’t so weak. I ran around 2km in bouts varying from 100m to 500m. Then I ran up the stairs to the 4th floor, then climbed the rest slowly.

Started around 0826 and finished at 1104. Had a couple of drinks at the bar yesterday evening. No smoking. I’m trying to keep my maximun at 2 drinks per night out.

Day 2 – Monday – 05/03/18

This DOMS got me good. I thought that by Saturday I’d be all right, but hell no. Friday and Saturday were the worst days. I could barely sit down or get up without major pain on my thighs and abs.

Woke up feeling better today, so I decided to do my second session. I started at 0843 and ended at 1130, so almost three hours.

Here goes:

Pushups: 1×20; 1×10; 1×9; 4×7; 2×6; 1×5; 1×6; 2×5
Situps: 1×35; 1×12; 1×8; 1×9; 3×10; 1×6
Squats: 1×10; 2×15; 1×10; 2×15; 2×10

Then I went for a 5km walk. I used the stairs to get down. I live on the 11th floor and my legs were like spaghetti after all those squats. It’s around 30ºC today. I tried to jog a bit but I could barely run 200m. After 2.5km I reached a park with a pullup bar. I used to do 7 in a row some months ago. To my surprise, I couldn’t go past 2 reps. Maybe my arms were weaker because of the pushups or I just got fucking heavier. So I did:

Pullups: 3×2; 3×1

I walked back and went up the stairs.

This was hell.

I drank a lot on Friday and smoked some cigarettes. I’m fucking disappointed with myself.

The Journey Begins

This is my attempt at implementing Saitama’s training in my day-to-day life. Why, you ask?

It’s been a few months now since I last exercised, so, naturally, I started gaining weight. I weigh around 100kg now (220 lbs.) and I want to drop down to 85kg, maybe. I’m a tall guy at 6’5” and I’m 26 years old. To get out of my rut, I decided to start with the simplest routine ever. No gyms, no supplements, no complication. That’s where Saitama’s regimen comes into play. But, after my first try, let me tell you, it’s hard as fuck. I want to do it just because it’s simple and funny to me. I mean, this is a manga/anime training, after all. I know the ridiculousness of my own objective.

So, for those who don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, here’s the whole routine:


It’s simple, kind of dumb and totally unrealistic, but I love it.

Of course, I’ll adapt it. I’ll do it three times a week and slowly build up my running to 5k (I don’t want to fuck up my legs again). Resting time and good sleep are absolutely necessary, hence the 48h period between workouts. I’ll add pullups, though I’m still not sure about the total number per session.

Also, here’s the diet plan:


Three meals a day, but just a banana for breakfast. I’ll need some energy for the workout. I’ll be limiting my caloric intake a bit so I can trigger weight loss. I’ll drop the occasional cigarette and I’ll lower my alcohol comsumption to a couple of beers every week.

This is me a few hours after the first session. I’ll be posting some progress photos from time to time:


100-110kg at 1.95m (220lbs – 6’5”) – 26 years old – Day 1

Look at that fat gut sticking out.

So, this is how it went today:

  • 100 pushups – started with sets of 20 reps and ended with sets of 3 reps (forgot to write it down the exact numbers for this one);
  • 100 situps: 1×25; 1×15; 1×10; 1×11; 1×9; 3×7; 1×8;
  • 100 squats: 1×22; 2×15; 1×18; 2×15

I rested as much as I needed between sets. This took me around a hour and a half to two hours. At first, I planned to slowly jog 2.5km after doing the exercises above, but I dropped it after feeling how weak my legs were (and still are).

I was trembling by the end of it. I had a minor pain on my back and I was sweating buckets. I’m predicting DOMS for the next three days, so I’ll wait for it to settle down before doing another session.